Kreatif Mxnds (BN – 3003365) Regd. MMXIX is an innovative conglomerate company that prides itself on delivering outstanding services. The company cuts across several industries serving and ensuring businesses and individuals become better versions of themselves.

Our Story

Kreatif Mxnds (BN – 3003365) was founded over a decade ago. However, the company was not registered until October 23, 2019. Ever since her registration, the company has made it her sole mission to provide top-notch digital and web solutions to humans and corporate bodies. Kreatif Mxnds is Nigeria’s fast-growing digital and web solution platform cutting across all industries and sectors. She is a forward-thinking organization whose mission is to provide solutions that bind people and businesses to value, thereby improving their lives. We want our products and services to help people and businesses in Africa achieve inclusion and development. Our creative approach is human-centred, and we are currently focusing on four areas: entertainment, electoral system/industry, and technological field. We believe that by focusing on people and businesses in Sub-Saharan Africa, we will be able to help society grow. You are invited to join us on our journey to revolutionize our society as a collaborator, consumer, or potential investor.


What we can do for you

Web Development

Experience professionalism on every page built. We will plan, create and code top notch designs for yout sites and web pages.


We are designed to aid customers to deliver that brainchild from the world of imagination to the world of reality.

Social Media Management

The dedicated social media managers at Kreatif Mxnds will love to expand your social network by posting, sharing, replying, and commenting on your behalf.

SEO Services

Our experienced team are on standby to build as much search engine authority as you want.


We offer top-notch DevOps and CI/CD services.We'll improve capacity to provide high-velocity applications and services.

Product Design

We'll gather and evaluating user requirements, in collaboration with our product managers and engineers Illustrating design ideas.



Web Development


Customer Support System


Product Design



What makes us different from other web and media solution brands


We offer the best statistical methods and technologies for analyzing historical data in order to gain new insight and improve strategic decision-making.

You don't have the slightest idea on how to begin and develop a brand? No Problem!! We will make and analyse market research, develop your website, build mobile apps and increase your visiblity on your prefered social media platform that will bring you sales while you sit back. Wih our systematic computational analysis of data or statistics, we discover, interprete, and communicate to our clients meaningful patterns in data. We most importanly apply data patterns towards effective decision-making.


We have a high level of dedication to all projects large or little and effect results toward these projects. We are a forward thinking company that constantly visualize implications and how our products and services may affect individuals business, our society, Nation and the word at large. When we commit to something, we follow through with that commitment.

We are known as an organization who keep our word. Many businesses and individuals rely and depend on us to deliver quality results.

Goal Oriented

We're focused on achieving certain goals or completing a specific activity for clients; we're motivated by a higher purpose. We will work side-by-side with our clients to achieve same aim.

We are diven by a higher cuase and willingness to achieve a set of goals for our customers. This willingness motivates and orients us to establish habits in order to achieve the desired results on this specific aim.


We get our ideas from a variety of places and push ourselves to develop and improve on the status quo on a regular basis. This has helped us develop products, services, and other offerings that set us apart from the competition throughout time.

We demonstrate the ability to develop or recognize ideas, alternatives, or possibilities that may be valuable in solving problems, interacting with others, or entertaining ourselves and others, as a result of our constant pushing.

Our Works

View some of the projects we have worked on and helped clients achieve maximum results

Brain Bokz Admin Panel

State of the art Upload panel for Brainbokz

Chioma The Musical

A musical production dedicated the first Nigerian Olympic Gold Medalist, ACP Chioma Ajunwa

Brain Bokz App

Brain Bokz MarketPlace App

Brand Development for Brain Bokz

Analyzing brand penetration to online and offline audiences


A tagging panel for mp3 and mp4 files


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Happy Clients


Completed Projects


Peding Projects


Staff Strength


Our front desk is attended from 8am to 6pm