Our story

Kreatif Mxnds (BN – 3003365) was founded over a decade ago. However, the company was not registered until October 23, 2019. Ever since her registration, the company has made it her sole mission to provide top-notch digital and web solutions to humans and corporate bodies.

Kreatif Mxnds is Nigeria’s fast-growing digital and web solution platform cutting across all industries and sectors.

She is a forward-thinking organization whose mission is to provide solutions that bind people and businesses to value, thereby improving their lives.

We want our products and services to help people and businesses in Africa achieve inclusion and development.

Our creative approach is human-centred, and we are currently focusing on four areas: entertainment, electoral system/industry, and technological field.

We believe that by focusing on people and businesses in Sub-Saharan Africa, we will be able to help society grow. You are invited to join us on our journey to revolutionize our society as a collaborator, consumer, or potential Kreatifmxnd.

We transform your ideas into creative results

With us, three things are guaranteed: professionalism, creativity and quality. We aim to solve problems and make our solutions stand the test of time

Our Goal

We are on the mission to revolutionalise the entertainment and the creative industry.